Negative Space

How do you play a platformer when the world crumbles with each jump?

Negative Space explores this idea in a minimalistic greyscale 2D world. Each time you jump, the level fades a little bit more into the abyss. Rethink the way you maneuver in a traditional platformer, and challenge your idea of what's possible with less.


This game has been developed as an entirely solo project by myself, Belle Knollmeyer. It began as a final project for my Rapid Prototyping college course, but after so many of my playtesters suggested that I continue the game on my own time, I decided to do just that.

Over the course of development, I had to wear many different hats:

  • Programmer
  • Game Designer
  • Producer
  • Artist
  • Animator
  • UI Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Playtest Facilitator

Each of these roles have provided their own challenges and learning opportunities. Most important among the lessons I learned on this project were:

  1. Have a plan with deadlines and stick to it.
  2. Get feedback as much as you can (and act on it!)
  3. Document EVERYTHING.
  4. Experiment; try things even if you think they might not work.
  5. Be prepared to remove anything you add to the game if it doesn't work.
  6. Always keep in mind what is at the core of your game's experience.

If you enjoy the game, be sure to share it with your friends, or just leave some constructive feedback here in the comments. Any help goes a long way and is super appreciated :)


  • Belle Knollmeyer - Designer, Programmer, Artist
  • Music: "Up in the Sky" - Memoraphile @ You're Perfect Studio


Negative Space - 24 MB
Negative Space - 24 MB


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You had a kick ass idea and created an awesome prototype! I was disappointed when it was over so soon! My only real complaints are that the environments get samey pretty quickly and there were a few situations where waiting took a little bit and became frustrating on retrys. But still kick ass nonetheless!

Hi, CoalFire! Thanks so much for the feedback and for showcasing my game on your channel! It's honestly a surreal experience to have somebody make a Let's Play of a game that I made. I'm glad you like the premise, and I'll be sure to take your input into account as I continue working on this project :)