Samurai Slasher is a fast-paced minimalistic local multiplayer fighting game about patience, timing, and reaction speed.

Up to 4 players battle it out in an intense one-hit-kill free-for-all. First to win 3 rounds is declared the Shogun.

Controllers are required to play. Button prompts are for XBox controllers.


  • Left stick to move
  • Right trigger to dash attack
  • Left trigger to block
  • A, B, X, Y for duels (follow the prompt)
  • D-pad for emotes

How to Play

  • Eliminate other players by attacking them. Last player standing wins the round. First player to win 3 rounds is The Shogun!
  • Blocking an opponent's attack OR attacking each other at the same time causes you and your opponent to enter a duel.
  • In a duel, press A, B, X, or Y as soon as the button prompt shows up. First player to hit the prompt correctly wins the duel, killing their opponent.
  • Hitting a button before the prompt shows up OR hitting the wrong button loses you the duel!
  • Blocks and attacks use energy, which is represented by a bar around your character. Attacks require 100% energy, while blocks require 50%.
  • Killing an opponent instantly refreshes your energy to 100%. Use this to combo kills together!
  • Once only two players remain, energy recharge rate will steadily increase up to a cap. Take advantage of this by being aggressive and using your moves as soon as you have enough energy!

Made by Belle KnollmeyerMax Fortna, and Anthony Scarangello.


Download 34 MB

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