SpacePort X

Air traffic control in space!

Note: SpacePort X was built in one week by a mixed-discipline team: 1 programmer, 1 artist, and 2 designers/producers.

In SpacePort X, you manage the incoming traffic at an intergalactic space station. Varieties of ships need your guidance to reach their designated landing ports. It is up to you to direct them safely by drawing flight paths with your mouse.

You not only have to keep them from crashing into each other and the station, but from succumbing to the many perils of space as well. Asteroids, black holes, and wormholes all threaten to cause terrible destruction in addition to costing you your job.

Wormholes give you creative flight path opportunities...

but be aware of what may be at the other end!

How long can you manage the ever-increasing traffic? Will you guide the ships safely to port, or will space blood be on your space hands?


  • Belle Knollmeyer - Programming & Game Design
  • Justin Dunn - Art & Design
  • Neal Cox - Video Production & Game Design
  • Justin Brady - Project Management
  • Music: "Tentacle Wedding" by Romariogrande on


Download 21 MB
Download 21 MB


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ok how do i stop asteroids